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PostSubject: polling 4 tips-n-beauty_jan_2011   Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:34 am

As Salam o Alaikum!

Friends kese hain..?
I hop sub fine shine ho gy...
is comptitn m 4 member ny hisa lya h

ab waqt h polling ka..
to app ne apni pasand ki sharing ko vote krna hai.


1.aik member aik he vote cast kr sakta hai..
2.apni sharing ko vote nahi kr sakte.. ki last date 30 jan 2011 hai..


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1 Say no to foundation and hello to tinted moisturizer. It is perfect for the natural look and really evens out your skin tone. It doesn’t turn your skin orange, but it also doesn’t leave your skin pale. It gives you a lovely healthy looking complexion. 2 One of my personal favorite tinted moisturizers is Nivea visage tinted moisturizer day cream.
Ditch the colorful eye shadow and go for something less obvious. Try and see if you can find a skin tone eye shadow. This blends in with your skin so it doesn’t look like you are wearing any at all. It just makes you look healthier and a bit more awake.
Apply some concealer under your eyes to make your eyes appear brighter. I would recommend ‘Ta Ta for now’ under eye concealer. You can find this at Primark for a cheap price it is really good quality and I really would recommend it. You can also add some concealer to any blemishes you have and then blend it in with your skin.
If you want to keep your look natural then wearing liquid eyeliner won’t be the best idea. An eye liner pencil and I would recommend ‘Black Pearglide Intense Eyeliner’ by Mac. It is very soft and easy to use. It is priced around fourteen pounds but it is worth the money. Just gently start to apply your eyeliner just on the outside of your water line. This makes your eyes look bigger and really compliments them. Smudge the eyeliner with your finger or a cotton bud to add a smoky effect.
Applying some blusher will make you look even healthier. A blusher that I would recommend is ‘Rosy Cheeks’ from Natural Collection. Their prices are cheap and they cost around two pounds. You can only buy Natural Collection products from Boots. Natural Collection also do really nice black mascaras and you can add this to your natural look. When applying your mascara do not put too much, just enough to make your eye lasher look pretty.
There you have it a complete natural look.

This looke contains:

Tinted Moisturizer
Skin tone Eye shadow
Pencil Eye Liner

Natural Makeup Tips
Beauty is one of the greatest gifts of a woman, and there is one thing, which can help to improve it-make up. It may be of different kinds. But when it comes to natural makeup, “less is more” is the golden rule for it. I’ d like to present you a few make up tips for giving your look some distinctness without looking like you tried too hard.

You should start with a base to balance color of your skin and neutralize any redness you may have in the area under eyes.

Then apply foundation. Normally, there shouldn’t be any difference between the color of foundation and your complexion. That’s why you should test it. Use your fingers to apply foundation, but a moisturizing cream shouldn’t be applied before it. Also you shouldn’t rub foundation into your skin.

Better if you start applying makeup from the top part of your face. It would be more natural if you won’t apply eye shadows at all, but if you decide to use it anyway, you should choose pastel shades (beige, peach or bone color, depending your complexion) of two different tinges. Apply the lighter shade on the whole eyelid? And then use the darker one to set the outer corner off. Then use mascara, it would be better to use lengthening or twisting one, but not volume in order not to weight.

Then apply blush, starting from the most prominent part of your cheekbones moving towards the temples. Better to use a blush with a creamy texture as it suggests a more natural look than the compact one. Brush should be used parallel, but not perpendicularly to avoid uneven putting.

If to speak of lips natural shades for the lip liner, like beige or pale pink, are the best choices. As for the lipstick, better to choose matte colors.

Some more tricks for the best natural makeup

People with a fair complexion should use peach or pale pink makeup colors. But if you are an olive skin proprietress, cream and beige are the most appropriate colors for you.

Use the concealer in order to hide skin imperfections.

If you want to get an ideal natural look, your lips should look healthy. Therefore, exfoliate and moisturize them, at least one time a week.

Natural makeup is very easy to achieve with appropriate makeup products and practicing. Don’t stop trying; and achieving this look will become absolutely unstrained!


Trends were less discernible on the runway for this season, with designers often creating their own looks. Despite the seemingly endless choices of styles, the makeup trend for Spring ‘09 is simply elegant and soft.
Any glitz that is being added this season comes in the form of splashes of vibrant color and sparkle. These are simple to apply and can add an intense theatrical edge, which is great for evening or formal makeup looks. Overall, the dominating imagery is soft feminine.
As the year moves forward, we will start to see a far-reaching mood emerge with the 80’s gothic looks creeping back into fashion. That new mood also represents a shift toward softer, prettier shades and application. The look is simple, clean and is reflected with heathery purples, soft pale pink, warm rustic oranges and browns or various shades of soft toned greens. Combining a lavender eye shadow with a light pink lipstick and just a tad bit of barely-there blush is a wonderful combination.
As for hair, look no further than simple and soft updo’s, with braids being a big feature this season. The opposing look is sleek, perfectly-pulled-back hair giving a super modern minimalism look, and again featuring clean, soft makeup colors and application. To achieve this season’s makeup looks, here are some backstage makeup artist tricks of the trade for you to try:

EVENING SHADES: Before applying your lipstick, blend some foundation over the edges of your lips. This way you’ll achieve the natural color of the lipstick tube, which will look great with a smokier eye makeup. The combination will give you the perfect look for any evening affair.
Once Upon A Time:
To get fairy tale-inspired flushed cheeks, apply a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend, adding a tiny bit over your nose. Cream blush has a softer effect on the skin than powder, and is easier to blend into the skin, which creates a very natural effect.
Toning It Down:
If you do not have a cream blush, you can tone down a too-bright cheek color by applying a touch of foundation over the color to give cheeks a more subtle, flush finish—the effect is wonderful and produces a look that is radiantly healthy.
The Match Game:
The cream blush can double as a matching lip color. Be sure to line your lips with a lip liner that is almost the same color as the cream blush. The liner will create the clean edge that is needed to achieve this soft, clean effect.
Be Down With Brown:
For a softer eyelash look, apply brown mascara at the base of your lashes and black mascara just at the tips. It will give eyes a dreamy look and emphasize the ends of your lashes. Brown mascara is a very effective color to create emphasis for any eye color.

GLOWING RESULTS: In order to achieve the radiance of the soft feminine look this Spring, all you need are some basic colors and neutral shades, and you’ll create a natural glow that will look both timeless and modern. Pair this look with a few simple updo’s and you’ve got a quick and easy look that will most certainly turn some heads.
Made In the Shade:
For a full, clean brow look—even if your brows are not perfect—apply a brow powder in a shade that matches your brows. Start by brushing brows up, and then fill in with powder under the arch for a more pronounced look.
Where There’s Smoke:
You can easily create a diffused, smoky eye by lining eyes with black pencil liner, smudging it with a brush and then dusting a brown shadow over top to warm it up. This technique is especially effective when creating a softer evening or formal makeup look.
Remain Focused:
When wearing smoky eye makeup for evening, keep the rest of your face natural, matte and clean. Wear a nude lip color. It will keep all focus on your eyes.
What You See Is What You Get:
Neutralize your natural lip color by blending foundation over the edges of your lips before applying lipstick. It will make the finished lip color look truer to the shade you see in the tube.
The Softer Side:
To soften any bright-colored eye shadow, layer a neutral cream shadow like gray or brown underneath. This will help mellow the intensity of the vibrant shade.
A Healthy Glow:
To make skin glow as if you’ve been drinking 10 glasses of water a day, highlight cheekbones with a frosted off-white shadow.
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FriEnd 43v3r

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Here are some tips on makeup and skin care:

Buy the right skin care products that can be effectively applied to the skin. So, what you buy is the make-up and skin care products. Check the ingredients to see if it contains things that can make the allergy. Also, verify that high concentrations of chemicals that can damage your skin contains.
Applying for a little part of the skin, such as ear and check how your skin reacts to it.
Keep track of expiration dates on makeup products and not on the expiration date to use.
Cleanliness is an important part of the make-up and skin care.
Nail care is an important aspect in addition to makeup and skin care. Use a good quality nail polish and keep you always keep your nails clean. After you are done with cleaning and polishing your nails you.
If you have sunken eyes, you should use the Liquid Eye Liner as a pencil. This will prevent smudging at the edge of the eye.
If you have a skin disorder eg acne, you should not put menggandung chemicals in makeup. Consult with your dermatologist if you are not sure which product you use if you have acne or other skin diseases.
Use a makeup remover.
Never make-up on sleep.
While applying a deodorant, make sure that you will be prompted to set the distance between the nozzle and your skin (as indicated on the label deodorant) to maintain


I love the natural look! It is great for already enhancing one's natural beauty, without covering up the face with a load of makeup.

Here are my steps to achieving a natural makeup look great for all skin tones:

1. Start by applying a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers are great for helping to even out skin tones, provide a light and comfortable coverage, and they look the most natural on as opposed to full coverage foundations. A great tinted moisturizer that I love is by Tarte

2. Next, apply a warm gold or brown eyeshadow and sweep the color on the lids. To top off the eyes, apply a black or brown mascara.

3. For cheeks, apply a peach/coral blush that contains some sort of light shimmer in it. This will help give your cheeks a sweet, glow to them.

4. For lips, apply a nude gloss or a nude lipstick, for the natural lip look

Good Luck! I hope this information helped:)
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I aM So LuCkY... [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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